Who Chooses Us & Why

We’ve transformed a 146 acre former dairy farm into a flexible space with several areas where groups may gather.
Additionally the labyrinth meditation garden and walking trails through the woods provide the opportunity
to explore the beauty and diversity of our natural setting whether you come for a personal retreat experience or with a group.

Why Choose Us

Peaceful Location

The concept of inns has changed over time.  What was once a halting place for a caravan became places of shelter where you could find rest, share a meal, listen to stories, or be entertained by music.  The most important adventure human beings undertake is that of their own life journey.  But modern culture does not make it easy for us  to halt the caravan of our own existence.  We often lack both space and time to track where we have been and where we are going.  Our facility can serve as a counter balance to the pervasive effects of technology on our lives.  The peacefulness of our natural surroundings in part comes from our location on 146 acres in the Manistee National Forest which causes cellular signals to become a thing of the past as soon as you pass the threshold of our front gate.

Getting To Know Us

Our inn is well suited to serve those looking for a gathering place for a small group retreat or an individual retreat.  Our most frequent type of guests include those who want to hold or be a part of:
1) A Spiritual Retreat
2) Yoga Retreat
3) Meditation Retreat
4) Artists, writers, and quilters who want to share creative time with each other.
5) Women’s gatherings
6) A book club, for a weekend getaway focusing on reading, discussion, and relaxation together.

Well Prepared Food

Well prepared food is a celebration of life.  Coming from Chef Sharon’s kitchen food is a celebration of life infused with love.  From yoga practitioner to quilters people come to the Rustic Gate to do their creative work, to walk amidst the beauty of the land, and to eat.  Once they have had the Rustic Gate experience they are drawn back by many things, but most especially the food.  Chef Sharon creates recipes to meet each groups’ needs, attending to special medical diets, allergies, and food restrictions..  Her recipes are often created from lessons learned in her own mother’s kitchen, which draws upon a family heritage rich in food lore and ancestors who were professional chefs and restaurant owners.    From herbs in our own garden, to the Amish farmers in neighboring communities, to local farmers at our twice weekly seasonal market, Sharon’s sourcing of food teaches our guests good nutrition in leading by example.  Like any good home, the Inn’s kitchen is not only the hearth but the heart of all we do.

Upcoming Events


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Remembering Leslie


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Gate Crashers Quilting Retreat