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October 2021

October 2021 Blog
On Receiving Gratefulness

Over the years we have been thanked numerous times here at the Inn for our efforts to extend hospitality, but among the most moving of these expressions of gratitude were the two instances which I write about here. Perhaps it was the juxtaposition of these two groups that compelled us to really pause and take notice of how our seemingly small gestures of welcome and caring can have a greater impact than we can ever imagine.

The first of these that I will relate came from Michele Lussky and her Shamama group retreat. On Sunday after their brunch, they called us into the dining room and as the facilitator Michele asked each person to express to us what they were grateful for about their weekend experience here. Other groups at times have had a spokesperson who told us thanks on behalf of the group, or sometimes we receive written notes left behind in the rooms. But, that day one by one they went around the table and affirmed for us our value of providing for them an environment where caring permeates what we do. They were grateful for the peace of nature and so many beautiful places to be on the land, for the food prepared with love and creativity from Sharon’s kitchen, and for the attention to detail that creates a calming environment. It was a very powerful experience for us to be on the receiving end of so much gratefulness.

The second recent occasion came from a group of women who call themselves the Crazy Eights. They have been coming here for a number of years, and would always express their gratitude individually, or in a group “Thank you card”. But this time under the creative direction of Michelle Angell, they wrote their own version of a “Thank you Song”. Michelle, Carol, Mary, Beth, Denise, Diana and Susie serenaded us. It is sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things” by Rodgers and Hammerstein from the “Sound of Music”. Immediately images of Julie Andrews singing the tune came to mind.

Our Favorite Things

“Fresh fruit and yogurt
Granola and pancakes
Artichoke Chicken
Oh, how much should I take?
Just crawled into bed
WOW those wonderful sheets!
Can’t wait for breakfast
How much can I eat?

When the woods call,
When the geese fly
When we hear the crane
We simply remember our favorite things,
So grateful we’re here, again!
Sewing creating, and much contemplating
Talking and walking
And choosing a painting
Sharing our stories,
Our joys and our fears,
Aren’t we happy
We’re booked for next year!

Yikes! There’s thunder!
Now it’s raining!
There’s no need to fear.
A beautiful rainbow
Appears in the sky
We’ll see you again, next year!

So, I write these words with overflowing gratitude, for all that our guests mean to us. For the heartfelt experience of being on the receiving end of their appreciation for all we do. It helps us to affirm our purpose in being here and creating this space for others. It helps us know how we can live by the words Henry David Thoreau: “To affect the quality of the day- that is the art of life.” Here’s to coloring each other’s worlds.

Marcia, Pat, and Sharon
Inn at the Rustic Gate