From The Innkeepers

March 2020

Greening Time

After a generally milder than usual month of February we turn the calendar to March and look toward the onset of Spring. There is an old weather saying about the month of March that goes something like this: “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” Well as I look at the forecast for the first weeks of the month, the days are going to be a continuation of the mild trends. I sincerely hope that the reverse of that old adage is not true. It would be a cruel twist of the weather gods if this month “Comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion.”

Though this winter as a whole has been less harsh than usual we are still anxiously anticipating the beginning of agricultural spring and the vernal equinox. Our days already have become palpably longer in duration and the increase of light buoys our spirits and lifts us from the winter darkness.

The mystic Hildegard von Bingen referred to this time of the year with the Latin word “veriditas” which literally means “to make green, or greening time”. This is true in the natural world cycle of the seasons as well as the spiritual world cycle of the seasons of our souls. Nature mirrors to us in the world around us, that which is also happening to the world within us. Bulbs and perennial plant shoots muster their stored winter’s energy and begin to struggle their way through newly thawed earth. Eventually they begin to blossom more fully into who they have been while hidden under the frozen soil. So too it is with us. That which has been hibernating and gestating in the dark of the winter season is now being called forth to make its way into the world and color the landscape with our unique gifts and creativity that has perhaps laid dormant for months.

In yoga, at the end of each class we place our hands in prayer position at our hearts and bow towards those present and say the word “Namaste” which is a blessing that means “I honor the divinity in you”. Promise yourself this March that you will set time aside to take a walk in nature to view the season as it begins to unfold. Bow occasionally to the trees and the ground, and the new growth of flowers and the greening of grass, and whisper a blessing of “Namaste”, recognizing the divinity that is truly right before your eyes every day. And finally, I bow towards you, dear readers and whisper a “Namaste” to all that is budding and blooming in your hearts.

Blessings to you on the journey.