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The Inn at the Rustic Gate is a place of welcome and calm for every season. We invite our guests to take a step back from their every day lives, to return to nature, to peace and quiet, and to get in touch once again with what feeds their soul.

Just seven miles from Big Rapids, situated on 150 acres of woodlands, wetlands, rollowing meadows, and a private pond, the
Inn at the Rustic Gate is a sanctuary, a retreat, a meeting place, and a gateway to the truest aspects of ourselves.



Our historic farmhouse offers eight cozy guest bedrooms with private baths and exquisite meals.

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Our facilities are perfect for retreats, yoga & meditation workshops, music & art events, and special occasions.

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Our land is ideal for four seasons of outdoor fun. Enjoy hiking, biking, birding, and more!

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Our staff and facilities exist to positively affect the quality of your days both during the time you spend with us and after you return home.

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This Month from the Innkeepers SPRING 2016

The Rustic Gate in the Spring-time

…she became for me an island of light, fun and wisdom…where I could run with my discoveries and torments and hopes at any time of day…and find welcome.
                                                                                  May Sarton

Our experience of this past week reminded me of these words by May Sarton. For the past six days one of our favorite groups of people has been in residence at the inn.  Before leaving one of the members came in to say her good byes and thank you and her eyes welled up with tears as she explained how meaningful of an experience it always is to come here.  She reiterated that sometimes during the year in between visits here, particularly if she is having a hard time of it, she pictures being here in her minds eye and it reminds her of the peace and welcome that she finds at the Rustic Gate.   The fact that she has our "island of light" to look forward to, is a sustaining thought and it allows her to smooth out the rough patches on her life journey.

So as the spring days march toward summer and the hours of the day become imbued with more light we are reminded that indeed our role is to be an oasis of light for one another.  

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Spring 2016