From The Innkeepers

June 2022

“June 2022 Blog- “June is busting out all over…”

This spring has brought us an unparalleled display of all of our flowering trees and shrubs and perennials. It has been the most abundant of blooming times. The Forsythia, Redbud and Crabapple were the first to indicate that this was going to be a very good year indeed. Marvelous yellow, deep pink and magenta flowers punctuated our landscape. Of those dwelling in our perennial garden, the Rock Cress was the winner of the spring showcase, grabbing the attention of anyone coming up our driveway. They have now given way to the white Spirea and Viburnum, as well as the many annuals that we were able to plant earlier than usual this year. There is much more still to come, but based on the number of visible blossoms, they too will capture our attention with extravagant displays of color. It has been a delightful season of sequential blossoming and unfolding. It is my prayer that we can take a cue from the land. What would we have to give or do to be such a source of delight? What would an abundant outpouring of ourselves look like for those who received it? What would it take for all of our heart’s gifts to blossom and to be shared with those around us? How can we become vibrant expressions of the seeds of goodness sown in our souls? To ponder each of these questions and act on even one of them would be a good use of the days in the month of June, and like our plants, would make for a more beautiful world.

This month we also celebrate the Summer Solstice on June 21st. It is the day of longest light and shortest night. Here in West Michigan where the Inn is located at the furthest reaches of our time zone, I love how as this day approaches dusk keeps pushing forward until there are still remnants of daylight at 10pm. At noon on the 21st if it is a sunny day and you stand outside you will notice that you cast very little shadow because the sun is at its highest point in the sky. Ancient peoples believed that spirits did not cast shadows, and that on this day human beings were the closest to becoming spirits than on any other day of the year because their shadows were so small. My prayer on Solstice is to live closer to realm of spirit, to understand what it is to be light and to be a light bringer to our world. I think of all the places and situations in our world where darkness prevails: the war in Ukraine, climate disruptions of our planet, the killing of innocent people because we seem to value the ability to own assault weapons over the future of human beings especially children. The corners of darkness seem to be numerous and deep. It is incumbent upon us to counteract that darkness and punctuate the world with light. It reminds me of our ability to look up at the night sky in our area which is untainted by the light pollution of a larger urban environment. The contrast between the darkness and the thousands of visible stars lighting the sky, remind me of how we need to be like the stars, illuminating the world whenever and wherever we can.

June being the middle month of the year, gives us the opportunity to examine how we have spent the months of this year so far, and to consider how we can be more like the vibrant life and light that we celebrate. Blessings to you for all that you are, and for all that you do so that at the end of each day there is a bit more beauty and light in this world than when it began.
Marcia, Pat, and Sharon
Keepers of the Rustic Gate