From The Innkeepers

September 2021

September 2021-The Importance of Taking Admiration Time

September is a month of transition. We transition from summer to autumn which begins towards the end of the month on the 21st. We transition from summer vacation time and those lazy hazy days to “back to school” or “back to work”. We celebrate a symbolic end to the summer season on Labor Day and use that weekend as a “last hurrah” for the season. The air this month begins its transitions from the hot and humid air of summer to the beginnings of the cool and crisp air of autumn.

Along with the recognition of the transitions of the seasons, September also calls us to do what I call “admiration time”. For example, when I am outside working on the land, whether it is clearing the woodland trails, or tending the gardens, at the conclusion of a group of tasks, it is my habit to stand back and look at what was accomplished. I call this my “admiration time”. It is always my goal at day’s end, to leave our little part of the world better off because I have laid my hands there and dedicated the energies of my day to this particular space. This can apply not only to physical work but also to any number of things that we do. For instance, often when I am alone with my thoughts a particular person might come to mind, I make it a point before days end to reach out to them. This can often transform someone’s day, including my own.

“Admiration time” can also come in the form of appreciating the work accomplished at the hands of other people. When we visit the Amish farms this time of year, it is an immersion into admiration time. Recalling how the fields and orchards looked at the beginning of the growing season, it is amazing to see the bounty at the farm stands literally overflowing with the fruits of their labors. It evokes in me, my “admiration time” response as well as appreciation for the dedication of these farmers to grow healthy fruits and vegetables for us.

So, admiration time implies not taking for granted the things that other people do. Right here under our own roof, there is admiration time when Sharon puts her hands to work in the kitchen by creating not only healthy but beautifully presented food for our nourishment. It is indeed the offering of her creativity and love expressed through food for our bodies.

When a group leaves and Pat sets her hands to the tasks of cleaning, doing laundry, ironing sheets, and preparing the rooms for the next occupant, it evokes the admiration time response in me, especially because through her willingness to accomplish these things, I am freed up to be outside this time of year. It is only in the winter months that I help with the service of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. When winter does roll around and we are working side by side to accomplish these things, part of my admiration time for her work stems from the methodical way she has of doing things, so that no task is left undone, or no part of the house lacks her attention to detail.

There is a saying from an old advertisement “Try it, you’ll like it”. In regard to taking “admiration time” and making it part of your day, the same saying can apply. It is my hope that before months ends we all will have taken many more “admiration time” moments in our lives and that it will have ramped up our ability to appreciate our own and others accomplishments.
May our “admiration time” moments flow into a deep appreciation for all that is.

Blessings be yours,