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July 2021

July 2021 Blog
The Half Way Point

The month of July begins the second half of our journey through another calendar year. The midpoint is often seen as a good time to “take stock” by asking ourselves how well we have lived our year so far. As I reflect on the passage of time in 2021, some questions come to mind. Perhaps we can ask them of ourselves together.

Did I greet the majority of days more with anticipation and wonder rather than with the boredom of sameness and routines?

Was I an instrument of welcome and open-heartedness toward others?

Was I a source of light or did I allow darkness to overwhelm my days?

Did I take the time to read something enjoyable, challenging, or uplifting rather than spend a good portion of the day in mind numbing “binge watching screen time”?

Did I nurture my body with healthy things like fruits and veggies, or was my meal plan a giant indulgence in so called “junk foods”?

Did I do something good for my body today, like practice yoga, or ride the exercise bike, or work out in the gardens?

Did I engage in activities that would promote my spiritual growth?

Did I reach out and communicate with anyone outside my household?

Did I go outside and spend some time in nature on a frequent basis, or did I rarely venture out to appreciate the magnificence and the beauty of nature’s gifts?

Did I remember and reach out to people especially those who are struggling with hardships such as sickness, poverty, or loneliness?

We celebrate Independence Day this month. What did I do this year with the gift of freedom?

At each day’s end was I grateful? How is gratitude expressed in my life?

These are but a few questions to ask as we turn the page to the next chapter of the second half of 2021. It’s all about learning to compose a meaningful life with that is rooted in love.

Blessings to all,
Marcia, Pat, and Sharon-Keepers of the Rustic Gate