From The Innkeepers

June 2019

The Quilt Square of Our Lives

Every day we engage with the world and leave our imprint as only we are capable of doing.  We interface with the people who come to us for retreats and together we form a community of beings, each of us bringing our own colors and shapes.  It is not unlike the creation of a quilt, where side by side the various blocks come together and form a unique whole.  My reflections this month on the beauty of quilts, quilting, and quilters is prompted by a gift that we received. 

Our very first introduction to this art form came to us through a group called the Sisters in Stitches who have been part of the fabric of our lives for 14 of the 15 years that we have been here at the Inn.  This winter when we were getting some repairs done on the barn, we mentioned about wanting to have a “Barn Quilt” to cover up the unsightly old window opening on the front side of the barn.  Deb Ballard one of the members of the group has a friend in Midland Michigan who just happens to make them.  So of course, this group went into high gear for project “Rustic Gate Barn Quilt”. They plied the guys doing the repairs with a sufficient amount of charm, cookies, and money and got them to agree to come back in the spring once the quilt was completed.  They had the three of us agree on the colors and pattern of the square- not an easy task.  We finally settled upon “Carolina Lily” in reds, green, and beige with a black frame.

The quilt square arrived in March and lay in waiting until weather and Ben’s schedule allowed for its installation.  Unexpectedly in mid -May, up drives Ben in his big truck with the lift in tow.

A couple hours later, after a minor repair to the old window with a metal ledge and some red paint, there is was, our very own barn quilt.  It stands for us as a symbol of generosity, gratitude, and the blessing of those who have become an integral part of our lives.  So if you happen to come here to stay, or are just passing by, slow down and take some admiration time by looking up at our barn quilt. 


Blessings as you journey,