From The Innkeepers

May 2019

May 2019

About a year ago at this time we happened to be near Austin Texas at Lady Bird Johnson’s Wildflower Gardens.  Although we were at the end of the bluebonnet season, this high desert land was still awash with the colors she must have envisioned would dot the foothills of this land.  As we walked through this beautiful sanctuary periodically there would be a little sign with some of Lady Birds more famous quotes which spoke so much about the purpose she saw in providing this beautiful wildflower garden as well as naturalizing the roadways throughout the state with wildflower seedlings.  Two of my favorite quotations were “Where flowers bloom, so does hope” and “Each seed needs to find a home”.

I am reminded of these quotes here because at this time of year at the Rustic Gate our landscape is beginning to show some bursts of color from seeds that found a home here years ago and still continue to flourish.  It is not unlike ourselves or our retreat guests.  We first came to this land 19 years ago and seeds of possibility were sown in our minds eyes about what it could become.  At that point all was still dwelling in the realm of potential and possibility.  But some of these seeds did find a home here and brought into fruition a space of welcome, peacefulness, renewal, and quietude, so necessary particularly now when our culture often promotes distraction, discord and divisiveness.  We too along with our guests have been able to flourish here.

This brings me to the second quote about where flowers bloom, so does hope.  I was speaking to one of our recent retreatants and she talked about how being here was so good for her as it gave her the perspective she needed to carry on, especially in the change of personal circumstances surrounding her life situation.  It gave her hope for the future by being better able to live in the present.  I like to think that an environment in bloom enabled her to envision a way of being in bloom within her own life.

It is May and the springtime still seems to be sputtering along-near 70 some days but then pushed back down to 40’s and rain again.  Our persistent April showers which seemed relentless the last week of that month hopefully hold the promise of more flowers on our horizon.  So, to with it comes the seeds finding a home and the hope inherent in the blooming flowers as Lady Bird Johnson so aptly reminded us.


May you be blessed by the showing up of sweet blossoms in your life this month and always.