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From the Innkeepers


2018 Musings for the New Year

The three of us here at the Inn at the Rustic Gate have stood at the precipice of a New Year fourteen times since we have opened our gates.  We now approach our fifteenth year on this threshold and offer prayers of gratitude for all that we have experienced.  You have come here and shared your lives with us, giving us glimpses of your creativity, your generosity, and your soulfulness.  For us it has been a journey of hospitality and service.  We have the unique privilege of opening our home to you and offering our presence and attentiveness to your needs.

In 2018, we intend to bless you with our continued attentiveness by creating and holding this space for you to be in and share with others.  None of us can know what this new year will bring, but we can trust the promise of making new beginnings, and willingly give ourselves over to whatever happens with a sense of openness, anticipation, and receptivity.  We will place on the altar of this year yet to be lived all of our resolve to impact the world by bringing the best of who we are to positively affect the sphere of influence otherwise known as our daily lives.

I bless this new year for ourselves and for you by offering you this paraphrasing of the words of poet John O'Donohue: May we live this year compassionate of heart, clear in our words, gracious in our awareness, courageous in our thoughts and generous in our love.

May it be so for you and for all,
Marcia, Pat, and Sharon
Keepers at the Gate


Fall 2017