Reservations: (800)319-5867
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Calendar of Events

The Inn hosts a number of events year round. For more information about or to make a reservation for one the events, please contact us at (800) 319-586

3-5 SABLE Quilting Retreat
10-12 Will Quilt for Food Quilting Retreat
1 Bush Agency Christmas Dinner
4 Sew Creative Sewers Christmas Lunch
7 FSU Hospitality Dept. Graduation Dinner
8 Pediatric Associates Christmas Dinner
11 Lucy Kent Bridge Group Lunch
13 Big Rapids Reality Christmas Lunch
12-15 Roseanne Brower Quilting Retreat
19-21 Lisa Hesse Yoga Retreat
9-11 Gratitude in the Second Half of Life Retreat
13-15 Sew Creatives Quilting Retreat
19-24 Sisters in Stitches Quilting Retreat
9-14 Rustic 8 Quilting Retreat
16 - 18 Fringe Group Retreat
19- 22 Paper Crafters Retreat
23- 26 Gate Crashers II Quilting Retreat